Tuesday, January 17, 2012


December 30, 2011

Yesterday morning Me, Jake and the 6 older kids all loaded up in the Yukon and took off for Flagstaff. The kids knew I had a surprise for them but I refused to tell them what it was. During the drive we played trivia games do to help pass the time. This is something that I started doing about a year ago and all the kids really seem to enjoy it, especially when the winner gets a prize.

As we were getting closer to Flagstaff I started seeing more and more signs advertising our "surprise". The best was when we drove right past Flagstaff. All the kids thought that the surprise was there so they were all shocked and disappointed to find out that we needed to drive a little bit farther.

As we got to the out skirts of Williams it was time to take our exit and at that point our destination was obvious. For the little girls I had to announce that we were going to Bearizona. The kids were excited but a bit confused. I leaned over and whispered to Jake "How long do you think it will take one of the boys to mention that they wished they brought a gun, and that they could use it?" Well as I predicted it didn't take long once we got through the gates for Trey to speak up.


A donkey that we got to pet

Bearizona is a drive threw zoo where you have up close views and interaction with different kinds of animals. I had been telling Jake for months that I wanted to take the kids there, for if no other reason just something different to see and do.

Once we got into the park it was kind of fun to see who could spot the animals first. Trey usually won at this game. I swear that kid has eagle eyes when it comes to spotting wildlife. We got to see everything from donkeys, buffalo, wolves, big horned sheep and of course bears.

One of the many bears we saw

Once you drive threw the park there is also a small walk threw zoo with a petting zoo. This was fun because we were able to get out of the car and stretch our legs. The kids had a lot of fun in the petting zoo, I think too much fun. At one point Ethan caught a turkey and tried to chase me with it. Ty and Race just enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of animals.

Lori, Ty, Ethan, Trey, Dustin, Race & Jake

Crazy Ethan

Race petting a pig

After being there for a few hours and seeing all there was to see we drove back to Flagstaff and ate Panda Express (another 1st for the boys) and then went to the mall so the boys could spend there Christmas money if they chose to. The best part was when Jake surprised Dustin with a new cell phone.

It was a fun day and we all enjoyed seeing new things and being together.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Bithday Rory

December 6, 2011

Yesterday was Rorys 33rd birthday so Wendy and Leland had planned a family outting so I allowed Race and Ty to ditch school. After we got up and got ready for the day I discovered that not all the girls had full snow suits (expecially since Christmas hasn't came yet) so I knew that it was going to be rough day.

Once we finally got to Wendys I found out that I wasn't the only one running late and having issues. Due to the slick roads Kelly G. slid into the curb and busted the tire off the bead, and Danika and Kelly B. came to her rescue. Rock & Meagans boys didn't have snow boots so Meagan let them open a Christmas gift early, and I of course was just having a hard time becasue of the day.

After everyone was gassed up and ready to go we all carivaned up the Big Lake highway in search of Christmas trees and to celebrate the birthday of an amazing man.

The farther we went the deeper the snow got and the more and more I was greatful for my truck. I had to put it in 4 high to keep from sliding all over the roads and even in 4 low the few times I slid off the road and got stuck. I was impressed with my driving skills becasue I never needed help from anyone to get me out.

When we got up to Burro Mountain we all got out and played in the snow. As the girls played I filled up some balloons. I was wanting to get 33 filled up but the girls were getting cold fast and I knew that they weren't going to stay in a good mood long.

I love this picture

The girls were excited about letting the balloons go so after we did a short countdown they let them go. Well Race and Ty did anyway, Kyrri wasn't quiet willing to let her purple balloon go just yet. As soon as the balloons were released so were my tears. As if Kyrri knew I needed to do with my hands she asked me to hold her and it was a welcomed distraction, before I knew it she told me she wanted to let her balloon go too. She was such a sweet girl as she let it go she said "happy birfay daddy".

Up Up & Away

I don't know if the pain will ever go away from seeing my sweet girls grow up without their Dad. He was such a great guy and had such high hopes and plans for their futuers. My hope is that I can continue raising them the way that he would want. Without a doubt I know that he wants us all to be happy so thats what we try to do.

Later that day while I was driving down the road I noticed some deer and out of habit I looked for a buck and sure enough I spotted one. Normally I would just keep on driving but because of the day and my missing Rory I turned around and went back, I felt a little foolish becasue it wasn't like I was still on the mountain and spotted a hugh buck, heck everyone who drove past the golf course that afternoon probably saw the deer I was now staring it at. For a few moments I didn't care that I was that moron on the side of the road staring at the animals. This wasn't uncommon for Rroy to do and I know he would have done then same thing. I was just bummed at the time that I didn't have the girls with me so they could see it too, and hear me tell them how Daddy loved deer, and elk and anything else he could shoot. It was kind of the way to wrap up this particular day.

Not Big But Not Bad

Happy Birthday Babe, I love and miss you tons and so do our girls!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

September 6, 2010

On Saturday morning we all got up, got dressed in our camo shirts and Lymphoma Awarness pins and got ready for the 1st Annual Rory Finch Memorial Skeet Shoot. Danika was the one putting it on and we were prepared. After I grabbed some doughnuts for the kids we drove out to Kellys pit and helped set up.

Daddys Girls Forever

We had a decent size crowd considering we has issues advertising. A discruntaled idiot whose name I will leave out felt the need to go around town ripping down the flyers. His claim was that I had no right doing something like that. We'll it turns out I wasn't putting the shoot on and Rory was blessed to have other family that does't bear the same last name, who also want to keep his memory alive.

Joel vs Dad (Leland)

Rock shooting

Around 10:15 the shooting began. It was a double elimanation and a few hours later we had our winners. The prizes were gift cards to Western Drug, and all of the proceeds went to the Hunt of a Life Time AZ Chapter. This was a program that was dear to Rory. Even after Rory got sick he helped his friend John scout for a bull for a boy who ended up dying just a few days after his hunt.

After the shoot was over the girls and I were tired from being in the sun so we just relaxed at the Crowthers house and enjoyed the company.

Sunday we went to church. I am not a big fan of going at noon but that is one way to kill the day. Afterwards with the help of Jake and his boys we got Lori's room completed. The calls it her hospital room but I didn't know of a better way to divide off a room without adding actual walls. I love Ikea!!

Monday morning we all slept in a little bit, I don't think I will ever out grow my love of sleeping in. I am more of a night owl. Having kids (and now that school has started again) has really put a damper in my lazy streek. Before I knew it I was forced to get out of bed and start the fun day at the lake we had planned.

Once we were hooked up, gassed up, and fed it was time to hit the road. I know that Lyman is no where near as cool as Roosevelt but I do love that it is close to home and cheap. After the jet skiis and the boat were off the trailer it was time for fun. The lake was busy but the water was still calm enough to wakeboard so we did plenty of that. I am getting to where I am pretty comfortable on the board but I'm not quiet ready for jumps. Jake and Trey on the other hand were doing awesome.

Trey catching some big air on my pink board

Dustin loves the jet skis

Before long Kelly and Danika showed up with Kellys boat full of people and Mike showed up with his pontoon boat. Need less to say there was plenty of entertainment for everyone.

After lunch we did some knee boarding and even blew up the tube. Before long the wind picked up and the clouds rolled. With the water choppy it made it hard to load the boat but we did it and got out of there just in time to miss the storm.

Lori, Dustin & Trey on the tube

After we got home everyone was so wore out that we just lounged around. Jake and I played the game LIFE with the Dustin and Race so that was fun. Around 6 Wendy, Leland, Kelly, Micky, Deacon, and Danika all came over for Family Home Evening so that was a good endding to a great weekend.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today & 11 years ago today

May 29, 2011

Eleven years ago today Rory and I had our first kiss. I always remember the date because we were married 2 years and 2 days after our 1st kiss and our wedding anniversary is coming up. I was going through some stuff the other day and I came across my journal from 2000 and this is part of my entry from that day 11 years ago..."I went to J.D.'s house and luckily Ror was there too and we decided to go out to eat then up to Nelsons lake and there we kissed after he told me "they don't get any better than you". After reading that all those memories hit me hard and I could remember it like it was last year not 11 years ago.

Last year on this day Rory and I got to come home from Tucson for the weekend, take our girls to their rodeo and then attend the wedding of very special friends of ours Fat Head and Holly. After the wedding we came home so Rory could relax and we watched the UFC fights with Lacey, Terell, J.D. and Briana. That night we had alot of fun talking about old times and laughing hard. A part of my journal entry for that day says "I hadn't laughed that much or that hard in a LONG time. Everyone stayed for a pretty long time but I think even Rory enjoyed it". He was 50 days post transplant and we were feeling very hopeful.

Last night I was laying down and thinking of what Rorys "life" was like now, up in the presents of our Heavenly Father. I always try to imagine it but I have a hard time picturing it. That usually doesn't stop me though, but last night I got pretty emotional thinking about it.

Well this morning when I looked at the "scripture of the day" that I get on my phone I couldn't believe what it was. It was from D&C 25:14 and said "Continue in the spirit of meekness, and beware of pride. Let thy soul delight in thy husband, and the glory which shall come upon him".

The more I read the scriptures the more I love and enjoy them, and on this special day I felt the power in them as well as the comfort and peace of mind they bring. I know that one day me, Rory and our girls will be together again and for that I am truly grateful.

Monday, April 18, 2011

TyLee's casts

Friday April 15, 2010

Yesterday after my Mom came and picked up Race for there trip to Colorado (for an auction). Me, Jake, Ty, and Kyrri drove down to the valley for Ty's check up for her broken elbow. We did a little shopping, had lunch then went to the hospital. After doing paper work, we were taken back for xrays and then the doctor came in to read them and said everything looked good and that Ty could have the pins taken out today.

Showing off her cast as we wait for the doctor

Its coming off

I was shocked I have never been around broken limbs that had to have pins so I didn't know what to expect. Plus I was once told that she would be in the cast for 6 weeks and it had only been 3. But before I knew it we were taken back into the "cast room" and they were sawing off her purple cast. I thought that she would be scared but after the nurse showed her that she couldn't be cut by it Ty was good and even laughed while it tickled her the whole time. Once it was off and the padding and gauze was removed I was shocked to see the pins sticking out of elbow. It made my stomach do flip flops, and still does when I think about it.

the pins...YUCK

Then again before I knew what was happening the doctor grabbed what looked like pliers and pulled them out. Next they decided that since Ty is such a daredevil it was wiser to put her back in a cast versus a splint. This time chose a hot pink one. She wanted red and I probably should have let her but I hate the color red and convinced her it looked like blood and would scare her sisters plus I think she only wanted it because I said it was ugly. But TyLee did really well and through out the whole thing didn't even cry. I on the other hand did. Even though Ty and I had the support of Jake being there with us it just wasn't the same. I missed Rory terribly and once we were done with the hospital and back in the car TyLee started crying too saying the same thing "I miss Daddy".

Finishing the new cast

Came with purple left with pink

It was a difficult day, but like all days we over come them and go on to the next. I am just grateful for this sweet and loving girl who know how to make the bad days better just by smiling and making me laugh.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break

March 25, 2011
After the excitement of Ty's elbow (the day before spring break offically started) I was determined to make the best of the rest of the week. Jake and I desided that we would take the kids to the valley for a day of fun and then spend a day or two at the lake fishing since it was still to cold to swim and play in the water. Our first order for fun was goofy golf. The boys had never done it and they were determined to do good at it. The girls on the other hand just had a good time wacking the ball around.

All 6 of them

Even with being handicapt Ty was having fun.

Jake helping the next Tiger Woods

Next we gave each of the kids $5.00 worth of quarters for the arcade. That was a huge treat for Dustin who is a huge game lover. The girls just liked winning tickets so they would choose whatever game would spit out the most tickets and then they were disapointed when all they could cash them in for was dumb stuff like candy and spider rings. But they ended up with little bracelets and so that worked for them.

Next on the agenda was laser tag and all of us enjoyed that. At first I was worried about the girls being in a dark roomm with people stalking and scarring them but they did just fine and enjoyed "sneeking up" on the boys and Jake.

Our easy target

My not so sharp shooters

Waiting for the results

After we were all gamed out we left the valley and headed for Roosevelt where we had already stored the boat and planed on camping for the night. All the kids slept really well that night and in the morning after a nutrious breakfast of Poptarts and doughnuts we hit the lake for some fishing.

Just drowning worms

Snack time

The weather was nice for most of the day but come late afternoon the wind picked up so we desided that we should probably get packed up and headed home so we could prepare for the little girls birthday partys. It was a great few days and I a glad we were able to make it happen because memories like these are what is really important in life

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Rory Dee

On March 4th I got the txt from my friend Fat Head (Jeremy Porter) that I had been waiting for. His baby girl was finally here. Fat Head and his wife Holly had been anxiously awaiting the arival of their first baby and so was I. After I had gotten the txt I had made plans to head to Show Low to meet the sweet little bundle of joy and see how her new parents were holding up.

When we got to the hospital I experianced the same anxiety that I always do when I enter that hospital. Its sad how the bad usually out weighs the good, I mean all 3 of my beautiful girls were born in that hospital but it is also the place that we discovered my husbands cancer and spent alot of miserable days and nights. I was trying to put all those memories aside because this was a day of happiness and pride (even though we've been told not to be proud).

Once we found their room and I gave everyone hugs I was no longer able to keep my emotions in check. Fat Head was beaming with pride as he handed me his 1st born baby that he had named after my husband. I cried tears of happiness, and grief as I held baby Rory Dee Porter in my arms. So many thoughts were running threw my head but I remember thinking how shocked and honored my husband would be to know that one of his friends had named their 1st born after him.

It truly is an honor and we wish the best for lil ms. Rory Dee Porter and her parents